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Welcome to Smooth Solutions

We support making documents accessible in digital format. Electronic document management systems, the internet, CD and DVD media make digital access fast and easy. Our dedicated staff brings unprecedented expertise in scanning and project management to each of our client’s projects.

Large projects and small. Corporations and municipal governments turn to Smooth Solutions for high-quality document scanning and conversion services. By transferring their paper, manuals, drawings, irregular documents, and archives into an electronic format, we help them free up valuable office space, ensuring quick and easy access to the information they need. This gives them the one thing everyone needs — more time.

What we do

Trust Our Experience

As a family owned and operated company for over 25 years, you can trust in our abilities to handle your records with care. With over two decades of experience in the scanning industry.

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Services We Provide

Smooth Solutions provides a breadth of services to various entities. With over 40 scanners in production, we can handle anything you throw at us. High volume scanning, large format scanning and film

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On Site Scanning

One service that separates us from our competitors is our ability to handle your scanning onsite. We have the capability to assemble a team of equipment and trained personnel to ensure your sensitive.

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Benefits Of Scanning

The benefits of converting all of your records are practically endless. It enables your company to easily access any past documents or film with the click of a button instead of having to spend time and money searching through a plethora of information.

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Industries We Serve

Smooth Solutions has been providing document scanning and conversion services for over 25 years. Our dedicated staff brings unprecedented expertise in scanning and project management to each of our client’s projects.

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Security & Compliance

Due to the sensitive and/or delicate nature of many of our client’s records, we have a multitude of security measures in place to ensure your information stays confidential and protected.

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Company Statistics

Over25Years of

  • High quality document
    scanning services of any format
  • No job too
    big or small.
  • Onsite scanning

Our services

Aperture Card Scanning Services

Smooth Solutions can perform high quality scanning of 35mm aperture cards. Smooth Solutions has the capacity to scan hundreds of thousands of aperture cards on a monthly basis.

Book Scanning Services

Smooth Solutions can perform high-quality, non-destructive scanning of all types of books. We specialize in high-quality digital capture, utilizing a variety of Overhead Planetary Scanners, Robotic Book Scanners, Flat-bed and Book Edge scanners.

Large Format Scanning Services

Nobody has more experience scanning large format plans, maps and engineering drawings than Smooth Solutions. Over the years we have scanned over 10 million large format documents!

Microfilm Scanning and Microfiche Scanning

Many organizations have large quantities of microfilm, microfiche, and slides . Smooth Solutions has all the necessary scanning equipment to accommodate high-quality image capture from film-based media.

Newspaper and Magazine Scanning

Smooth Solutions has scanned millions of pages of magazines and newspapers. Some were scanned from loose issues while other were scanned from bound volumes.

On-Site Scanning & Document Imaging

When documents are one-of-a-kind or fragile or confidential then clients may not want the documents to leave their sight or site. Some of our largest scanning projects were performed at the client’s facility.

Document Scanning Services – Back-File Conversion

Smooth Solutions has many high quality, high volume document scanners. The scanners we use have been selected based upon their ability to provide the best image quality, highest speed and most reliable paper handling systems.

Photos, Slides and Negative Scanning

Smooth Solutions has a designated Photo, 35mm Slides and Film Scanning Laboratory filled with high quality scanners. These scanners are designed to offer professional digital capture of film-based photos.

Technical Manual Scanning

We are experts at making physical technical manuals, documents, binders and folders accessible in electronic format.

Cloud Hosting

Our document cloud storage solutions allow you to save office space, cut down on security costs, and grants you immediate access to your files anytime and anywhere.

Our Clients

  • Yivo Document Scanning
  • Exxon Mobil Scanning
  • Army Document Scanning
  • Ralph Lauren Document Scanning
  • Publishing Document Scanning
  • Colgate Document Scanning
  • US NAVY Document Scanning
  • United Water Document Scanning
  • DOT Document Scanning
  • GSA Document Scanning