Convert Your Newspapers & Magazines to Digital Format!

Smooth Solutions has over 25 years of experience scanning magazines and newspapers to digital format. Our state of the art equipment and dedicated staff ensure the highest quality images while maintaining the integrity of your originals, regardless of the type, size, age or fragility. We have scanned millions of publications for libraries, museums, local governments, historical societies, news organizations, marketing companies, publishers and more. 

Paper archives degrade over time and are difficult to store, retrieve and distribute. Digitizing newspapers and magazines ensures that your precious back issues are safely backed up and preserved. Electronic files are immune to degradation and can be shared or distributed instantly in digital format.

Newspaper Scanning Service

Newspapers are printed on very delicate paper that rips and tears easily and deteriorates quickly. Because of this, highly specialized newspaper scanning equipment, along with a skilled hand is required for the digitization process. We produce accurate, high resolution images using high-end large format scanners or wide format overhead scanners, depending on the size and type of newspapers you have.  

Our advanced newspaper imaging technology allows us to capture and preserve every detail of the text, images and graphics on each page in greyscale and/or full color. Digital output options include JPEG, TIFF or PDF files. Digital newspaper archives can be indexed and categorized by any desired criteria. We can also create fully text searchable files utilizing OCR software (Optical Character Recognition).

Magazine Scanning Service 

Magazine digitization Service, Newspaper Scanning Service

Smooth Solutions has scanned magazine archives for some of the largest publishers in the world. Digitizing magazine back issues greatly benefits publishers and their readers. Taking advantage of our professional magazine scanning service allows you to instantly find past issues for reference and easily share digital archives online or via email. We utilize a variety of scanning equipment and methods depending on our client’s needs. 

Semi-destructive magazine scanning involves cutting the bindings so the pages can go through a sheet-fed or flatbed scanner. Non-destructive scanning allows us to keep the magazine issues completely in tact. Pages are scanned on overhead planetary scanners or book scanners to high resolutions color JPEG, TIFF or PDF files. The digital files can be indexed with relevant metadata and/or converted to fully searchable PDF files with OCR.

Benefits of Newspaper & Magazine Scanning Services

By using our services you will be able to save space, time & money:

  • Valuable information can be searched for and accessed quickly and effectively.
  • Back issues, individual articles or artwork can be electronically distributed with ease.
  • Simultaneous access so multiple people can view the same document at the same time.
  • Previously written articles and images can be made available to readers online and monetized.
  • Free up valuable office space by disposing of originals or storing them inexpensively in an off-site storage facility.
  • Eliminate the risk of degradation, damage or loss of one-of-kind originals. Digital files don’t fade and last forever.


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