Pharmaceutical Document Scanning Services

Smooth Solutions provides document scanning services for some of the largest pharmaceutical and medical research companies in the world. Strict government regulations determine what documents need to be kept, for how long, and how they can be used.

From research documentation and clinical trials to FDA applications, it is necessary to maintain these records. Effective document scanning and document management systems are essential in order to sustain compliance in today’s atmosphere.

Smooth Solutions meets industry standards required to scan paper records, lab notebooks and all other documents for pharmaceutical companies. We have the experience and necessary equipment to handle pharmaceutical scanning projects of any size or scope.

All work is performed at our secure imaging facility in Lodi, NJ by our team of experienced professionals. We also specialize in On-Site Scanning, where we assemble the necessary supervisors, personnel & equipment to perform the production of your project at your own office. This way sensitive information never has to leave your possession.

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Document Scanning:

Here are just a few benefits of converting to digital documents:

  • Immediate retrieval, viewing and distribution of documents electronically from any device
  • Increased productivity – No more spending hours manually searching though paper files and lab notebooks for data
  • Take back your space – Reduce clutter and onsite storage needs. The space used for file cabinets can be used for more lab equipment or offices
  • Integration of scanned documents for use within your current EDMS or Electronic Records Management System
  • Compliance – Ensure that your records management practices comply with industry regulations and that necessary documents can be found instantly during an audit.
  • Peace of mind knowing your vital records and intellectual property is backed-up, secure & protected.

Types of Pharmaceutical Documents We Scan:


Case Study – Pfizer Corporation

Lab Notebook Scanning

Pfizer contracted with Smooth Solutions to perform multiple on-site document scanning projects over the past several years. The specifications required that we prepare, scan, quality check and index all of the documents on-site at Pfizer’s facility. We assembled project managers, scan/index technicians and equipment to get the jobs done.

The scanning projects included the digitization of over 2 million pages of research data and lab notebooks, as well as over 2 million pages of vital records stored in their records center. We also installed and implemented document management software for retrieval, distribution and management functionality.


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