Financial Records Scanning Services

Smooth Solutions has scanned millions of pages of documents for financial institutions and financial records for hundreds of other businesses and government agencies. We understand that many of these documents contain sensitive, confidential information which is why we have a plethora of security measures in place to ensure your data is not compromised. We also provide on-site scanning services for documents then can’t leave your facility.

Save Time, Space & Money with Digital Records 

Nowadays everyone has financial records regardless of what they do. You are also expected to save a variety of documentation including records like W-2’s, interest statements, receipts, 1099s, contracts (just to name a few) for an extended period of time.

Having to store all of these records takes up space, it takes time to manually organize & search them, and all of this costs money. Digitizing your documents will ensure your documents are easily accessible, searchable and compact.

Searching for Scanned Documents

Our document scanning service allows all of your financial records to be indexed, searched & retrieved via your specific criteria. Financial records can be indexed by account number, client name, year, document type and more.

You can easily type in just a couple or words and pull up all of the records you need. You don’t have to go to a file room, find the right drawer, find the correct file folder and then find the correct document ever again. Digitized documents will improve your overall efficiency.

What Types of Documents Do We Scan?

We can scan virtually any document you can give us including, but not limited to:

  • Client Files
  • Invoices
  • Contracts
  • Ledgers
  • Historical Data
  • Tax Records
  • Loan Applications
  • Investment Forms
  • Interest Statements
  • Credit Satements
  • Financial Statements
  • Checks & Signature Cards


Client Case Study – UBS Financial

Smooth Solutions won the contract to completely digitize the Tax Operations Department for UBS Financial in Stamford, Connecticut. The project consisted of:

  • Scanning over 250,000 pages of tax documents into electronic format on-site at UBS.
  • Document types were identified and indexed through the use of intelligent barcode separator sheets.
  • 14 fields of information were manually indexed for each document set.
  • Installing department wide Electronic Document Management Software with 25 search licenses and trained the entire tax department staff.
  • Providing a day-forward solution for scanning new documents into the record management system.

Outcome & Benefits of Document Scanning:

  • Eliminated the need to manually search through cumbersome binders to find required documents.
  • Eliminated the need to scan individual pages to a local computer in order to distribute records.
  • Increased productivity of employees by saving hours spent each day looking for documents, scanning and emailing them.
  • Freed up valuable office space with the ability to remove large filing cabinets and move boxes of paper documents to inexpensive off-site storage.
  • Document retrieval and distribution time reduced from over 20 minutes to less than 20 seconds!


Why us ?

  • 25+ Years
    Of Experience

  • High quality document
    scanning services of any format

  • No job too
    big or small.

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