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Smooth Solutions has been providing document scanning and conversion services for over 25 years. Businesses and government agencies collectively spend billions of dollars annually maintaining paper documents. These documents are expensive to store and manage, often lost or misfiled, and difficult to access and distribute. 

Smooth Solutions helps clients unlock the value of the information their documents contain. We have helped thousands of clients in various industries save time, save money, become compliant and more efficient with our premium document scanning services. Below are some of the industries we service:

  • Education

    Schools & universities have a growing need to effectively manage student and faculty records.

  • Federal Government

    Smooth Solutions is the document scanning vendor of choice for a multitude of government agencies.

  • Finance

    Converting financial documents to digital format improves efficiency, compliance and saves time/money.

  • Historical

    Digitizing historical documents properly is essential in order to capture and preserve the history and information they contain.

  • HR/Personnel

    Human resource departments tend to be very paper intensive and difficult to manage - that's where we come in!

  • Insurance

    We have the capabilities to digitize and accurately index any type of record your insurance company may have.

  • Legal & Corporate

    Converting legal and business records to digital allows you to search, view, and distribute important documents with ease.

  • Media & Publishing

    We are experts at creating digital archives of magazines, newspapers, photos, film, and more for publishing companies.

  • Medical

    Smooth Solutions performs high-quality scanning of patient charts and other medical records.

  • Pharmaceutical

    From research documentation and clinical trials to NDA applications, it is necessary to maintain these records.

  • State & Local Government

    Smooth Solutions performs digital conversion of records for Villages, Towns, Cities, County and State offices.

  • Utility Companies

    We help electric, gas, water, telecom and energy companies become more efficient and productive.

Our Clients

  • Yivo Document Scanning
  • Exxon Mobil Scanning
  • Army Document Scanning
  • Ralph Lauren Document Scanning
  • Publishing Document Scanning
  • Colgate Document Scanning
  • US NAVY Document Scanning
  • United Water Document Scanning
  • DOT Document Scanning
  • GSA Document Scanning